What is Bid4Luxury?

Bid4Luxury  is an online auctioning website that offers you the ability to get 100% brand new and authentic luxurious items from official retailers at almost 10% of the original retail price!

At Bid4Luxury, we don't only give you the chance to own an authentic luxurious item for a fraction of its price but you can do that while having fun! Not only do we have one winner, our second and third place bidders walk away with bonus free bids as well!

Bid 4 Luxury takes users on a memorable and fun experience filled with fashion trends that the members will enjoy indulging in!


How can such luxury items be sold at very low prices?

The reason that Bid4Luxury can bring you such high-end items for almost 90% of the retail price is our "Penny Auction" model which uses pre-paid bids. This means that all bids are pre-bought by the users and the price for the bids contributes to the products we buy and this enables us to offer them to you in such auctions at very low prices!


Are the items on the website authentic and new?

We guarantee that all of our items on Bid4Luxury are from authorized and official retailers, distributors and agents from Europe and the Middle East. We absolutely guarantee that every single item we sell on Bid4Luxury is 100% authentic and new (no pre-owned items). Each item comes in its original brand packaging, dust bags and authenticity cards if applicable.


Why is the retail price shown on the site different than in other countries?

Some of the retail prices shown on our website can be different from retail prices in other locations. That is why the retail price that we list is based on the location of the retailer, distributor or agent of whom we get our products from. This price depends on several factors that contribute to the price difference such as taxes and customs of every country.


Do I need to set up an account to place bids?

Yes. When you register and set up an account on Bid4Luxury , you will be able to:

  • Buy bidding packages & bid at auctions
  • Be notified when new items are offered
  • Save your address & card details for a quick checkout
  • Keep track of your activity history
  • Manage your account, email preferences and order history.
  • Access our future auctions page. Which means you will get to vote on what hot and latest items you would like to see next on B4L and you will be notified when your voted item is available for auctioning!


How do I acquire bids?

  • When you register the first time, you will receive 10 bids. This will give the opportunity to learn how to participate in the auction.
  • Acquire free bids by inviting your friends! Get 10 free bids for each friend you refer and registers! Your friends will get 10 bids too.
  • Like us on Facebook and get 10 extra free bids.
  • Buy additional bids by clicking on the "Buy Bid Packages" button and follow the instructions available. You can choose from our different packages and pay securely through Master Card, Visa or Paypal.
  • Bid4Luxury  might also offer bid packages in auctions from time to time.


How can I buy bid packages? Are my payments secure?

You will be able to securely buy any bid package you want either by Master Card or Visa. In the case you win an auction, you can also pay for the item with these two cards. Your personal online security is important to us. We use the latest SSL encryption technology to store and safely transmit your personal and credit card information. Credit card information is not stored in our systems but managed by our payment gateway provider. All orders are processed through a secure checkout system through our trusted payment gateway provider.


For how much are bids purchased?

The table below indicates the price of each package and the number of free bids you will be offered. The bigger the big package you buy the more free bids you get and the cheaper the cost bid overall !


Bid Package

Price of Package

Number of Free bids

Total Bids


























Do I get a refund for the bids spent on the auction?

When someone wins the auction, the bids are non refundable because the bids spent on each auction we offer contribute to the cost of the products and allow us to provide luxurious items for such a low price. On the other hand, if the item was not sold (which occurs when the item does not reach the minimum price and therefore passed) you will receive back the bids you spent on that specific item!


What is the 'Minimum Price'?

Items on auctions typically have a minimum price. The minimum price is the lowest auction price that the auction can end at. Usually the minimum price is between 1% - 5% of the retail price listed in the website.


What happens when an item does not meet the minimum price?

When an item is passed, it means that it did not reach the minimum price for it to be sold and therefore it is not sold or won by any user. In the case an item passes, all the bids placed on this item will be returned to their users plus 10% extra free bids and the item will be put back on auction later in the future.


When does the auction close?

The time begins to countdown 3 days before each auction actually starts. When the auction starts, a 15 seconds countdown timer starts and bidder must bid before that timer reaches zero.
If the  timer reaches zero, the last bidder wins the product at the final bid price. Towards the last 15 seconds of the bidding period, each extra bid will reset the counter to 15 seconds again.
When there is no additional bid and the timer reaches zero, the auction will end. The server lag time is at a maximum of a few seconds when the auction ends. The second bidder wins 75 free bids, the third bidder wins 50 free bids.


What happens if I win the auction?

You will receive an email confirming that you have won the auctions. The email will contain a link that will take you to your account which will lead you to the checkout page to pay for the final amount at the closing. Once you enter all your details and all your payments and fees are confirmed, the product will be shipped to you for free!

In case you do not receive our confirmation email within 24 hours after the auction has ended, please contact our support team.


How soon will I get my order? And how much will it cost?

We aim to send your order within 24 hours from the moment the payment is done. Once paid and shipped, the item should reach you within a week depending of your location. Due to unseen circumstances, your package might take longer to ship and in the case this happens we will get in touch with you. Please contact us to get a tracking number if you do not receive your item within a week of paying.


Do I need to sign for my order?

Due to the expensive value of the goods that we offer, we will need a proof of delivery for all orders. This means that we cannot authorize packaged to be delivered without a signature.


Can I change my shipping address after my order has been dispatched?

Unfortunately we cannot redirect orders to a different address after dispatch. Therefore please make sure that you provide a suitable shipping address for the specified delivery times.


Can I track my shipment?

Once your item is shipped you will get an email notification with the shipping details and the tracking number which will allow you to track you shipment.


I forgot my password and/or Username what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click the 'forgot password' button and we will send you an email with instructions to retrieve it.


What are the systems required to be able to participate in Bid4Luxury ?

You enjoy Bid4Luxury auctions with all PC or Mac provided you have access to a web browser and internet. This means you can use your computer, laptop, tablet and smart phones.


Internet Connection

For the fastest and safest bidding experience, a high speed internet connection is highly recommended. Ideally Bid4Luxury functions best when directly connected to your modem. If going through a wireless router “hot spot” such as: coffee shops, libraries, hotels and airports, you may not get the best speeds and it may affect the performance of the Bid4Lxury site on your device


Fairness in Auctions

The fairness and integrity of the auction process at Bid4Luxury  is the most essential factor to the viability of our website. We explicitly state that Bid4Luxury  does NOT use any systems that automatically bid on our auctions (no automatic bidding) and we also guarantee that no employee at Bid4Luxury  are allowed to bid on any auction on Bid4Luxury  website.

We have also limited the number of auctions that each user can win to 1 items per week to ensure that no particular individual dominates the auctions. When the win limit is reached for a particular user, this user will no longer be allowed to participate in any auction on Bid4Luxury until the oneweek period expires.

We would also like to note that Bid4Luxury  is not another form of gambling and is definitely not a lottery. The auctions in Bid4Luxury DO NOT contain any random element because the result of every auction depends on how many bids a bidder is prepare to place. It is possible for a bidder to win any auction if they are prepared to place enough bids and therefore there is no element of chance.
We encourage users to be sure of the number of bids they are placing on each item and be cautious so they would not use up their bids frivolously. If the user places the winning bid, then he needs to purchase the item to confirm being the winner. If the item is not purchased within 24 hours then the next bidder will be offered to buy the item.


What do I do if the bid pack I purchased is not credited to my account?

Sometimes there may be connection errors on the payment getaways caused by third parties that are out of our control. If this occurs and your bids are not credited to your account, please email wecare@bid4luxury.com with a copy of your receipt and we will credit the bids as soon as possible.


How private and secure if my personal information?

Please be assured that your personal information is kept private and confidential and at no point will we rent or sell your information to any third party. To register at Bid 4Luxury we will need to know your name, country and mailing address. When we process your order online we need your billing address, shipping address, telephone number, credit card number and expiration date. If and when necessary, these details might be shared with a credit reference agency to verify order.

Please note that Bid4Luxury  may use your contact details to inform you of the latest arrivals, future auction as well as style inspiration. If you would prefer not to receive these mail updates, you can unsubscribe in your email preference. (Note that in this case you will probably not be notified of Future Auctions you may have participated in).


For further details on privacy please read our Privacy Policy in full here.


What happens to auction(s) during system downtime?This

A downtime, or outage, is an occasional and unforeseeable problem with the Internet, and means that bids cannot be placed during this short period when we are offline. If we experience downtime at any point, we automatically increase end time so that our bidders are not left at a disadvantage. In the rare case of downtime,  it is impossible to place any bids and any attempt to do so during this period will not be accepted or debited from your account. If this situation does occur, we advise you to refresh your screen regularly, either by pressing F5 or the refresh button on your browser. In the event that an auction ends prematurely due to a system outage or an unforeseeable disruption in service, the ended auction will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Bid4Luxury reserves the right to deem any won auction as null and void during a system outage.


For further help, please contact our support team by emailing wecare@bid4luxury.com


Bid4Luxury refund policy in case of technical issue?

In the unlikely event that a technical issue occurred and an auction closed prematurely, then all users that placed any bids within 10 minutes before the auction closed will have all bids that they placed in the auction that closed prematurely returned. Bid4Luxury reserves the right to decide when an auction has closed prematurely. Bids are non refundable.



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