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Blog#3: Why should I own luxury handbags?

There are plenty of good reasons why every women should have her own collection of luxury designer handbags. Because we like to offer you the best, we found out the top 3 reasons to splurge on your next handbag purchase:

Blog#2: How to become a bidding expert!

At Bid4Luxury, we want you to have the most satisfying bidding experience so we decided to put together the best tips from global experts on luxury bidding and auction websites to help you own your favorite designer bags. Whether you are a first time bidder or familiar with auction websites, these tips are useful for everyone!


Blog#1 Bid4Luxury: Attain the unattainable!

This is for the rebels, the thrill seekers and for those who love everything to do with fashion and innovation! With your help, we will break the rigid and traditional rules of luxury shopping and turn this experience into an exciting one!

03:25:08 20.10.2017