About Us

At Bid 4 Luxury, we take your typical shopping approach and transform it into a unique and thrilling online experience! What we offer is the most fashionable and sought after items in the market for a fraction of the retail price (often less than 5% of the original price). This means you can get a brand new and authentic luxury bag for the price of a frappuccino (hold the whipped cream please!)

Our concept is simple: a reverse auction model where our customers buy a set of bids in advance. Each of these bids will cost around 0.5USD - 0.8USD depending on which package the customer decides to purchased. Each bid can then be used to raise the price of the auction by 0.01USD at a time. The auction ends when the last person to bid is not outbid for 15 seconds and he or she will be entitled to buy the auctioned item for the final price it ended on. Our website is bilingual and operates both in English and Arabic.

We constantly strive to enhance the customer experience as much as we can, therefore, we offer the runner up and third place bidder of any auction free bids!

At Bid 4 Luxury, we try our best to make this experience about YOU! And we do that by offering our customers the opportunity to tell us what they would like to see auctioned next through a voting option in our Future Auctions.

All of the items displayed and auctioned in Bid4Luxury.com are 100% authentic and brand new. Every single item is purchased from their respected official supplier and/or retailer from Europe and the Middle East. Moreover, we offer free worldwide shipping to our winners with well known courier companies.

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